Birmingham needs a Unity Day

Unity days are held in communities up and down the country every year. Birmingham needs one too.

Bradford Mela: Honeydrum World Music

What was going through my head at first when I met the Calcutta guys was, “This is a mess.”  They’re playing a bunch of stuff.  We’re playing a bunch of stuff.  Nobody’s listening to each other. So you know, at some point, we realised it’s time to take the initiative.  We dropped out, and started listening to their beats, and sort of started to work in as a group and play with them. Through that something happened.  Something changed.  Musically, we started being one group, instead of two groups.  We all locked in with each other.

Come on Birmingham.  You know what needs to happen.  A year on from the Birmingham 2011 riots, let’s have a call for Unity in our city – a call for listening, a call for playing with others, not against.


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