Sparks fly with friction.

Symmetry by Everynone.

Otherness‘ is a theme I find myself thinking about a lot.  We so often spend our time wrapped up in our own little bubbles, it’s easy to forget there are other realities out there.  And many of us rarely take time to explore these other realities.  It’s easier, it’s comfier, to stay put.

So what?  For one, it makes us boring.  We spend time with people who share our views, read the same articles that we do – people who reflect what we think anyway.  It’s like looking in a mirror, and expecting to find something new.  Creativity, innovation, insight – these things only appear when we stop looking at our reflections, and begin interacting with the ‘other’.

Sparks only fly with friction.

In a world that faces so many challenges, perhaps it’s time to create a little more friction.


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