Blogposts I’ve not written (yet).

I often get a good idea for a blogpost.  My mind whirrs with idea upon idea, and on occasion (usually in the shower or whilst running) I get the chance to explore that idea.

Evernote for me is a saviour in this respect, to ensure my thoughts don’t end up in the Ideas Graveyard.  I capture words, sentences, and even entire collections of paragraphs that could end up as a blogpost or a project.

I say that I’ll write these things up ‘some day’, which I’m sure resonates with anyone who has ever had a good idea.  It’s not always easy in every day life to make ‘some day’ come about.

So this week, I’ve taken some time off work as ‘Some Day Days‘.  I’m using this time to focus on my ‘some day’ ideas and move some of them further towards reality.

In the mean time, in a bid to make a first step, and because I know a public declaration is quite an effective motivator for me in doing something, here are some headlines of blog posts I’ve not quite written… yet.

  1. Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams.
  2. The £50 Million Question.(What I want from life.)
  3. There are no new ideas. (Echo/consolidate/riff/remix/diverge/disagree.)
  4. The beauty of not knowing. (Socrates, Feynman.)
  5. Themes that Echo. (Recurring themes that I discover to be important in my life.)
  6. Start as you mean to go on. (Six songs to kick off 2013.)
  7. A year for non-resolutions. (Projects and habits I would like to undertake in 2013.)
  8. 59 Minute Adventures. (Introduction to my project, when website is ready.)
  9. The Grandma Project.
  10. The problems with Ideas and Inspiration. (Excitatory and Inhibitory Neurotransmitters, the need for down-time.)
  11. How to get people to do stuff. (What I learnt from Envision and social action.)
  12. 5 Reasons why I don’t share my ideas. (And why those reasons don’t matter.)
  13. Postsecret and the Fakebook Problem. (Postsecret Live write up, stigma and mental health.)
  14. The Lost Art of Letter Writing. (Henry Moore exhibition, gratitude.)
  15. The TEDx Model (What is it, why does it work, what can we learn from it, what are the dangers?)
  16. Compassionate Criticism.
  17. The Mixing Desk of Religion. (Additive colour mixing, what we can learn from religion.)
  18. My top 10 TED talks.
  19. Shoe sizes and blood types. (Analogue vs Digital. The problem with stereotypes, and how they can be useful.)
  20. First World Problems.  (The third world myth, and The Live Aid Legacy.)
  21. Why I hated school.
  22. The Art of Problem Solving. (Lessons in leadership from mathematics and art.)
Source unknown. Found here. (

Found here. Source unknown.


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