Start as you mean to go on. (6 songs to kick off 2013.)

Effective Loops

The glimmer of January 1st now feels like an almost memory, but here I share a little music playlist that captures some lovely beginnings to 2013.

1. Knowing what matters
January 1st – I awake after a 1940s party in an underground bunker, and have tea with my best friend. I wave goodbye (or ‘a bientôt’), travel across the country accompanied by a beautiful sunset, and join my family for a feast of leftover cheese and wine.

Song: Mindy Gledhill, Whole Wide World

2. Make each day count
Remembering souls now gone from us, and re-remembering how lucky we are to be alive.

Song: Frank Turner, Photosynthesis

3. An adventure every day 
January 2nd – I start a new project, whereby I have an adventure – just a tiny one – every day. Day one involves: an art gallery, people-watching, a notebook made of Snoopy.

Song: Lemon Jelly – Ramblin’ Man

4. We’re all just human
January 3rd – Great chat, great coffee, pictures drawn in the air.  ‘Effective’ loops: it’s not about being brilliant or rubbish – it’s about noticing what takes you from effective to ineffective, and vice versa. We are, after all, human beings.  (You are not a robot.)  Life is about being more than a cog.

Song: Marina & the Diamonds – I am not a Robot

5. What’s the use in ‘if only’?
January 4th – Lunch, some simple questions, and beautifully honest stories.  Today is about hand written letters, gratitude, and remembering the futility of waiting until ‘some day’.

Song – Harry Nilsson – Over the Rainbow (You’ve got Mail)

6. Time with your tribe
January 6th – A whole day of visioning and ideating and laughing with people who feel like my ‘tribe’. Something good can happen, and we know that it will. A tribe in Birmingham remind me of a tribe in Doha.

Song: Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work

The full January playlist.


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