Here’s to the crazy ones.

Most people in life are content with same-ness. They find comfort in routine, in forward-planning, in the ‘way things have always been’.

I’m not one of those people.

And I love meeting others who aren’t. Three years ago I was lucky enough to meet two such ladies. Incredibly different, but equally wonderful souls. They embody energy, passion, and spirit, a hundred times over.

This week, one of these souls, Catarina, messaged me from her home in Portugal and just said…  Wanna sign up for this? They say we should be in the same city. But it’s kinda an old fashioned way of seeing an online course, isn’t it? Let’s cheat and be in two different places? “

And in an instant, I thought, ‘Yes’. Yes I want to do this!

I mean, what’s there not to love; leadership lessons, a global network of social activists, and two of my best friends.

That’s as far as it goes. Jump right in, two feet first, let’s see where we end up.

And what do I hope to achieve through the course?

I’d love to have some structured reading that enables me to learn more about this complicated world in which we live. I’d like to critically analyse this learning, and clarify my own positioning on various topics.

I’d like to have IDEAS. But not too many. I already have heaps of ideas, and already I’m not so sure what to do with most of them.

And most of all, I’d like to re-ignite this connection I have with these ladies, with whom I share so many stories with. I want to feel the buzz of sharing good ideas with great people, from which I draw so much energy from. And maybe…. maybe one of the ideas we stumble upon may lay the seeds for us to work or play together again in the future.

A couple of further thoughts:

1. Am I just doing this course because it has the Acumen name associated with it? Well no, not ‘just’ because of that, but it certainly helps. Through various encounters; their website, TED talks from their founder Jacqueline Novotgratz, and meeting one of their fellows (who I rate as a wise owl and all round effective leader), I have built up a picture of Acumen to be a competent organisation. I guess it doesn’t hurt to place a bet in where best to invest my time.

2. Are they going to indoctrinate me? Probably, yes. In a way. It’s their course, and they obviously have certain common beliefs about the world. They have to, else it’d just be a random collection of thoughts (much like my blog..!) It’s important for me to be conscious of the fact that they are pushing a particular agenda, or way of thinking, and then for me to bring a healthy, warm, level of skepticism to my experience.

I’ll be blogging from time to time to capture my thoughts about the course readings, my learnings about ‘leadership’ over the course of the 6 weeks, and also my thoughts about this format of online learning, which is a new thing for me. I’d love to chat with anyone else interested in thinking about these things.

Or just anyone else who is one of the crazy ones…


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