The Mixing Desk of Religion.

Anti religion.

Pro religion.

I’m somewhere in the middle.  That doesn’t mean I’m indecisive, it means I choose the best of both sides with the information I have right now.  I accept the fact that the information I have in the future may change, and my viewpoint may change as a result.

I’m not religious.  I don’t practise religion.  The religious people in the street who shout at me bother me very much.

But actually, I think if you took every religion (formal and less formal) and layered them over each other (like additive colour mixing), then the bits that are consistent, more or less, wouldn’t be a bad starting point from which to consider our own moral codes.

Learning the stories from these religions may help us analyse further which stories we want to keep and which we want to throw away.

Don’t fool yourself that you aren’t learning these stories anyway, whether it’s through Star Wars or TED talks, those “When ah were a lad…” stories your poppa tells you or just what your mates say in the pub… you’re learning stories every day that frame and thus shape your own way of living.

So recognise this, and be in charge of it.

I guess the sweet spot comes from tuning in to each of those channels first (not solely religious), listening carefully, and then deciding how they should be mixed together at any given moment.  It’s subjective – it always always is.  But, for me, I reckon it’s better to create a track that I love, than to listen to a noisy mishmash of sound. Or worse: to listen to no music at all.

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