Invincible to invisible.

India - LD

My granddad’s legs aren’t working properly. He can still walk and stuff and he’s styling it out to pretend he’s ok, but I can tell he isn’t. He gets to the stairs and hesitates by them. Yesterday he just walked away, unable to give them a try. Today I helped him up the stairs. When I was a little girl, he always always used to give me a piggyback down the stairs at his house. I’d wait there at the top till he came to get me, even when I was more than old enough to climb the stairs myself.

We call him ‘London Dad’, or LD for short. I’ve never really told anyone that. Predictably, we call my grandma ‘London Mum’. I feel glad when I remember that in just a few weeks, when I move to London, I will get to see my grandparents whenever I so wish.

It must be so lonely getting older in life. You spend all these years thinking you are invincible, thinking you can do whatever you want, as I feel like we do now. And then, somehow, before you even noticed, you’re not. Or even if you are young at heart and in mind, people treat you as if you’re not. You go from being invincible to invisible.

I have a friend who dedicates time every single week, without fail, to his granddad, taking him to the market, sharing a meal with him. It is so simple, but so important. In spending that time with our grandparents, we give them the superpower that is opposite of being invisible. That is a pretty awesome superpower.


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